Environmental Policy

Bee at workWe work with organisations such as the Environment Agency to research the best products and techniques available, making our work as beneficial as possible for the natural world.


We always work to the highest environmental standards possible. We are keen to improve the natural value of your grounds – we will suggest the best ways to work, eg trimming hedges after nesting times, encouraging nature-friendly areas of planting and creating micro-habitats. This also includes the obvious such as the equipment and materials we use, the minimum use of chemical products, and composting and recycling wherever practical.

We are always open to new ideas and happy to incorporate your needs for a ‘greener’ green space. Perhaps there are certain materials you would like to discuss with us or ideas you have for planting to attract wildlife?

Here are a few more ways in which we are working to make our company greener as a whole:

  • We use peat free composts where possible.
  • We use electronic communications and encourage recycling in the Workplace and Office
  • We are looking in the future, to run our vehicles on LPG
  • We are doing our most to reduce the Carbon footprint.
  • We are striving to turn all of our waste into recyclable products.
  • All wood waste where possible is chipped then left for a period of time (to leach the high nitrogen content when first processed). After a 3-6 month period this product creates good woodchip mulch. Woodchip mulches are ideal for suppressing weed growth, using as a bio fuel, or a good paving product for woodland walks.
  • All larger felled trees are corded, seasoned and transformed into firewood for the open fire or wood burner.
  • All leaf mould is composted over a two year period, and distributed back into the land.
  • We are always looking at new materials and identifying new techniques to offer a cleaner solution to maintaining the Landscape environment, including pesticides, paints, building materials.

If you have a particular concern or maybe a technique or product you would like us to use, we are extremely happy to accommodate your ideas. We can discuss, research, evaluate and give you alternatives if necessary.

Ford Landscaping - Oxfordshire